From land-based operations to the launch of the first online casino in 1994, the gambling industry has come a long way. Gambling has evolved into an online leisure activity that can be played from any device anywhere in the world at any time. Without substantial disruption and innovation in the gaming industry, it could not have been possible to make gambling and betting experience more exciting. These advances in technology have a tremendously positive effect not only on the lives of the players but also on the credibility and status of the entire industry.

We are currently witnessing the rise of cryptocurrencies, a similar tech phenomenon between the gaming and gambling markets, and social networking dynamics. In their own way, these technical developments have great potential to shape the future of online gambling.

Future Trends in Online Gambling


  1. Crypto Gambling: It is not possible to talk about the future of online gambling without addressing the entry of cryptocurrency into the iGaming market. From the invention of Bitcoin in 2008, several other cryptocurrencies have also emerged. Slowly, they can establish themselves as great alternatives to traditional cashless payment methods for both iGaming operators and players.
  2. Virtual Reality Technology: Virtual Reality (VR) technology, is trying to reach the iGaming market to make gambling more exciting and entertaining. Thanks to various VR headsets like Sony PlayStation VR and Samsung Gear VR, it is now possible for gamers to step into a digital casino or a sports event. This can enable them to engage in an interactive gambling experience. Compared to its video / PC gaming counterpart, the current VR gambling technology is not yet above-par. However, it is gradually gaining momentum to snatch the heart of millennials.
  3. Social Gambling: It is noticeable that social gambling is becoming a hot topic in the media since a lot of operators are switching from traditional iGaming services to social gambling apps. Social gambling allows players to play against their friends, generating a viral impact that can quickly build the game’s user base.

heart of millennials.

  1. Wearable Gadgets: Making a wearable gadget-friendly app is an excellent upgrade for this era in the iGaming sector. The concept was first introduced by Microgaming in 2014 when they unveiled a casino app that allows users to use a smartwatch to play jackpot. Later, other well-known companies such as Ladbrokes, Playtech and Unilad have also joined the race in developing gambling and betting apps for different kinds of smartwatches.
  2. Games based on skills: While most online players enjoy spinning slots or trying their luck on instant winning games like those on Fortune Frenzy, there’s no denying that they don’t need skill or strategy; it’s all luck-based. Operators should start introducing more skill-based games not only to offer variety but also as a way to satisfy those who like to bring skills and strategy into their games. With games like these, players will feel more in control and like they are actually playing a game, rather than clicking that spin button mindlessly.




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